Our LVSC & Louth SC Level 3 Open Meet is an opportunity for our swimmers aged from 9 years upwards to compete in a friendly environment. The goal as always is to enhance the entry level for Lincolnshire Counties (due to be held Jan/Feb 2020). This year we aim to attract and work with a number of community partners. This year we welcome Nicola Humberstone from NFH Consultancy and Sam Northway from Scanlinc. Additionally, because this meet is family friendly, we have had personal sponsorship from a relative of one of our swimmers. He has sponsored two races (his nephew’s favourite events). Which is really lovely and will be a nice surprise for the swimmer. Thank you Simon Glenn.

If you would like to get involved with Lincoln Vulcans Swimming Club either for this event or future events please get in touch

Contact details:

Dr Deborah Kingston, Drdebskingston@gmail.com or Shawn Wilson, Shawnwilsont@yahoo.co.uk



For the second year in a row we are proud to sponsor the Lincoln Vulcans. What a great year it has been for the swimmers and the club. We look forward to seeing the progress of the team over the coming year” – Mary-Jane Kingston, Sevacare Lincoln

Sevacare are a homecare provider committed to providing the best quality of care and support to people in their own homes, encouraging them to live independently with the support of our fantastic care team. If you are looking for a new role or are interested in becoming a Home Care Assistant with our friendly team then please call 01522 690777. Alternatively if you are seeking a homecare provider within the Lincoln area, please call 01522 690777 for a free initial assessment on how we can help.

NFH Consultancy

NFH Consultancy

NFH Consultancy Ltd works with individuals, teams and businesses to enable them to reach their potential.  Analysing processes and working with people, creating a network to optimise results.  We can provide you with the skills to support business and personal decision -making; offer business tips;  training and education opportunities;  write reports, business cases, CVs ; and help you promote and manage your events. Not sure what to do next?
Visit our website: www.nfhconsultancy.co.uk  or,
get in touch via email: contact@nfhconsultancy.co.uk




ScanLinc is a private Specialist Early Pregnancy Midwife service offering ultrasound from 6 weeks gestation. ScanLinc also offer gender opinion, specialist genetic testing and a 3/4D ultrasound experience. The clinic offers rush free scheduled appointments in a caring, calm and supportive environment.

Contact: Samantha Northway
Website: www.scanlinc.co.uk
Tel: 01522 244110


Simon Glenn, Race Sponsor

Simon Glenn –
I am really proud of my nephew Archie Glenn and his dedication and commitment to his sport and thought it would be a good to show Archie how proud I am of his achievements. Archie has made phenomenal process over the last 12 months and his favourite races are the 50mtr Freestyle and 100mtr Freestyle.    Therefore, it gives me great pleasure to support Archie and his swim club by headlining these two events.