Lincoln Vulcan’s was formed in 1974 and was originally called Lincoln South Park Vulcan’s Swimming Club. It had three original founders, one of whom was the late Laurie Webster MBE who was a well-respected figure of the community. Laurie was for many years the club’s President.

The Club originally used the LEA South Park Pool on Monday and Tuesday evenings, as well as the pool at RAF Waddington on Friday and Sunday evenings.

In time the South Park pool closed down and the Club then changed its name to Lincoln Vulcans Swimming Club. The Club secured pool time at Yarborough Leisure Centre, and the swimmers then had the luxury of training at either of the pools. Laurie remembers that both he and another coach turned up at Waddington on two successive Sunday evenings to train whosoever arrived, but then sat twiddling their thumbs as all the swimmers opted for Yarborough! That rather sounded the death knell for Waddington, and the Club has only recently returned to use those facilities.

Later, the Club secured pool time at RAF Scampton through the good offices of Dave Crouch, who at that time was one of the Chief Coaches and who also served in the RAF. History has repeated itself in this respect when the then Chief Coach, Graham Bassi, who also served in the RAF was able to use his influence in securing pool-time at RAF Waddington again! Dave Crouch left the RAF to become Chief Coach at Nottingham Leander.

The Club developed rapidly and in 1987 won the Lincolnshire Premier League Championships – a memorable night, which resulted in certain coaches being thrown into the pool at Yarborough! The Junior section were invincible between 1986 and 1988, and again from 1998 – 2005 winning the Lincolnshire Diddy League (now called the Junior League), and reaching the National finals for six years on the trot.

Lincoln Vulcans has become one of the premier competitive clubs in the East Midland Region. It has continued to exist through the enthusiasm of all its swimmers and, particularly, through the voluntary support of parents. For many years the Club’s constitution prohibited the remuneration of any person acting in any capacity, whether it be a coach, poolside helper, official or administrator. Until recently it was one of the few remaining clubs to continue in this tradition. It has, however, amended the constitution and now the post of full-time Chief Coach attracts a salary.

Competitive swimming is not the only sport associated with the club. Life-saving, Biathlon and Triathlon are all activities which have met with considerable success, up to and including National level, and in the case of Life-saving, at International level.

Lincoln Vulcans has now reached a progressive stage in its development. The club is already achieving considerable success through the hard work of all concerned – swimmers, coaches and parents to name but a few. The club hopes that you will contribute to that success, and become part of the history of Lincoln Vulcans Swimming Club.