Cardiff Swim Camp blog 2

Day 3

Wednesday dawned and many of the swimmer were a little subdued, for some it was the realization that more sleep and rest were needed. For others it was the idea that after the morning session, they would only be half way through the training sessions for the week!!!

The mornings long course sessions was an I.M set, which many found tough. land training was done before the afternoon swim so that there was a longer rest period, much to the delight of many. The short course session finished with team relays and a chance for each team to have points deducted. The swimmers really enjoyed this, and it changed the points table greatly. It also helped teams to become more motivated to winning prizes at the end of the week.

Back at the hostel, rest and study before dinner and the evening activity.!!! All swimmers were intrigued as they did not know what to expect!!. Each team provided with a bag and team leaders had to nominate a member. In the bag, were items such as glue, bubble wrap, tissue, paper, various Halloween items, bowls, pens, tights, scissors and napkins. The task was to dress their nominated person in a Halloween costume ready for the catwalk. All teams had 1 hour to come up with their creation. Judging categories were: best use of resources, best made design, most impressive, best accessories, best effort. Everyone worked well together in their teams while Noleen organised the music. The catwalk opened with Abi leading the way to "isn't she lovely". She was followed by Taylor strutting along to "thong song". Henner's was next to do a twirl in a shrinking outfit to "this is why I'm Hot". Callum perfected his catwalk moves, swinging his hips, he was endearing to his fans blowing kisses at them, till Rory finished the show with a tune of "sexy and I know it". Great moves to "Gangham Style.

A photo shoot of our models followed - watch out Britain and Ireland's next top model!!!. Once the judges had composed themselves, marking began in earnest for teams to have points deducted. It's fair to say, that everyone made a great effort and enjoyed the evening. The designers, along with their outfits and models, will be in the next edition of vogue!!!.

Day 4

At breakfast, all swimmers were very quiet. The training schedule is now starting to take its toll!!!. With the knowledge that there were only three sessions left, and an evening out tonight, morale was boosted. Team leaders were once again asked to nominate a person from their team without knowing why. All will be revealed later!!!.

The morning swim session consisted of a skills session, making the most of diving blocks at both ends of the pool. The swimmers concentrated on starts, turns and breakouts. This was followed by a speed set. Despite the hard training during the camp, many of the swimmers are beginning to look a lot stronger in the water. The early morning long course sessions, are challenging to many who have not had so much long course experience, although this will pay dividends later on in the season.

The afternoon started with an eventful journey!. Adam was keen to get to the pool before Alison's bus, so he encouraged Suzette to lead the way. Land training followed with stretches and flexibility the 2 hour afternoon session was Fly and Kick. Once we arrived back at the hostel, everyone had to think about packing for home, it was hard to believe, we would be travelling home tomorrow as the week had gone so quick. Tara led the way by donning the hoover and cleaning up the girls dormitory!.

Everyone is anticipating the evening out tonight, and there's much talk as to where the destination is. Friday will bring our last swim session followed by land training. The much enjoyed Pizza Hut Buffet, will follow before we say our goodbyes to Cardiff and head for home.

Tony Panacides
Competition Secretary