British Champs update - Thursday

Update 1 (am):

Hugh: Both warmed up, now the wait for our races Maya at 9.25 and Brad at 10.30. Both swam well in warm up; all about the racing now, preparation done.

Hi guys, it's Maya.. I am your new head coach!! Haha lol only joking. The pool is jam-packed, hardly anywhere to sit but it's ok we are all squeezed together. Byeeeeee:)

Alright it's Brad. Just to let you know you've got 12x400 medleys max on Saturday morning. I'll be back on here later :P train hard haaaaa

Update 2 (pm):

Hugh: Both in tonight's final - Maya in 10th place, Brad in 4th. A good solid swim by Maya 59.26, Brad did enough to get in the middle of the pool tonight 2.07.27, need to go faster to make qualifying time required.

More later, thanks to all who have sent messages of good luck.

Update 3 (evening):

Hi guys, this is Maya!!! I have just swum my final of 100m freestyle, did a little PB and I was in lane 9 on a 58.94! Outside burner, haha only joking... Went in 10th and came out 9th which isn't bad going considering I'm not a 100 freestyler! Happy with my races today, looking forward to tomorrow now:)

Hugh: Brad swam well in the final (2.05.17) not quite quick enough to qualify for European Juniors - 1.33 secs outside qualifying time. Second place in the 18 yrs/under final but still very disappointed. He will be raring to go again on Saturday in the 100m backstroke.