Mallorca Open Water success

Fresh from his cold-water experience, Ollie Bitowt travelled to the somewhat warmer climate of Mallorca to compete in the Mallorca 5k Open Water event.

Ollie finished the final race in the Colonia Classics series first in his age group and 4th overall behind Polish backstroker Sebastian Karys (enjoying his first season in Open water,) German No 2 Open water swimmer Alex Studzinski and 0.2 second behind womens world champion Angela Maurer. He was presented with his prize by Olympic silver medalist Cassie Patten. Ollie also took in a 2-hour clinic with Olympic medallist, David Davies.

The Tuesday 7 km swim was cancelled at 1600m as the safety kayaks couldn't see the swimmers due to the size of the waves. At the same time the rough sea had brought a shoal of jelly fish into the bay almost all 33 swimmers had been stung and one chap had a nasty run in to his face with a sea cucumber.

Disappointing but quite a relief that they stopped the race - no one complained so that says a lot.

Ollie swam a 2.5 km 'guess your time' race (to make up for the 7 km abandoned race) and came third only 22 seconds off his guessed time. He then had an Open water sea clinic with FINIS people which looked very good, covering how to run into the sea, avoid currents and buoys!