Inter-Counties report

Lincoln Vulcans swimmers were in action this weekend not only at the annual L1 open meet on Saturday, but also at the National Inter-Counties Championships on Sunday.
This annual National extravaganza sees teams representing all 39 counties in Great Britain converge on Sheffield to battle it out in an extraordinary competition.
The Inter County Championships consist of two fully independent galas run simultaneously in 2 x 25 metre pools created by splitting the 50m International pool at Ponds Forge in half by a boom.  With two complete sets of Technical Officials, 6 referees and two sets of announcers, starting equipment and electronic timing, the gala itself is a spectacle to behold from a sheer organisational point of view.
The teams are divided into two divisions – the first division with 20 teams and run in the south pool and the second with 19 teams and run in the north pool.  The top 4 teams in Division 2 take a place in the following year’s Division 1 group while the bottom 4 teams of Division 1 swap to take places in Division 2.
Lincolnshire traditionally competes in Division 2.
This year the 26-strong Lincolnshire team selection included 10 swimmers from Lincoln Vulcans: Lauren Freeman, Charlotte McRae, Maya Westlake, Tara Haworth, Abigail Burr, Chloe James, Oliver Bitowt, (Captain)  Brad Westlake, Sean Westerman, and Liam Noonan.
This unique swimming event includes both individual and team events and in the case of the Lincolnshire squad often combines swimmers who never normally train together into relay teams.  Congratulations to all the swimmers who took part.