Eindhoven Cup - day 2

These are long days with very little rest between heats and finals, just enough time to get back to the hotel for lunch before returning to the pool for finals.

Today was our busiest day of the meet so far with all members of the squad having swims.

Ollie B qualified for tomorrow night’s 1500 final in 5th place without having to break sweat, he also made the Junior 200 IM final which he swam a PB. Olly R by surprise made the B final for the same event, causing a bit of panic for your coach who had given the squad the option of relaxing at the hotel instead of attending finals, a few quick phone calls and travel arrangements got a "happy" Olly to the pool and another PB gained. Amber, in her heats, fell foul of the crazy way they program events over here and swam her 3 swims in the space of 30 minutes. Racing a 200 free, 50 back and 100 breaststroke in quick succession took it’s toll on her, finishing with good swims in the first two events and running out of steam in the third. There was a first swim in a Vulcans cap for my son Harm who has enjoyed the experience fully; Abi set a new LCD PB in her 400IM and was also happy to see Colin and Jacqui, Emily. Liam(don’t mention the first turn) followed up yesterday's performances with two more solid swims.

I am sat watching the Dutch football on TV (surprise, surprise), whilst they all tuck into white chocolate mousse (Olly R had mine as he said I owe him one for making him do the final tonight).

All swimmers are enjoying the experience and the chance to swim against some of the best swimmers in the world and also making lots of new friends from Amsterdam, so much so that Amber went in the wrong toilets at the pool.

More tomorrow.