Lincoln Vulcans secure first round victory in Lincolnshire Junior League


LINCOLN VULCANS secured a first round victory in the Lincolnshire Junior League in Spalding.

Zara Pickles (10yrs 50m breaststroke), Tara Haworth (12yrs 50m fly and freestyle), William Barber (nine yrs 25m breaststroke and butterfly) and Connor Jackson (nine yrs 25m butterfly) all notched first place finishes.

The stand-out group on the evening was the nine-year-old boys' team, led by William Barber, who won two first-place finishes in the nine year relays.

The team also included Connor Jackson, Louis McGrath (3rd 25m freestyle) and David Gray.

The boys then joined George Pinder to form the 10 year relays teams which also took first and second places in the 4x25m freestyle and 4 x 25m medley events respectively.
Final result: LVSC 201, Louth 189, S. Lincs 188, South Axholme 172, Grantham 150.
Personal bests: Liam Apps, William Barber, Heather Priest, James Penford,
Cameron McRae, Connor Jackson, Emily Mills, Edward Bromley, Daniel Evans, George Pinder and Louis McGrath.