Swimmers excel at competition

Vulcan's swimmers excel at British Champs and English Nationals

Oliver Nevitt, Grace Wilson, Abi Burr, Elissa Gratton, Sophie Hart, Ethan Grace-Riches

At the British Champs and English Nationals held during August Lincoln Vulcan swimmers that qualified for these National events excelled in all of their swims with impressive results from them all. Nigel, who attended as coach at British Champs and Adam, who attended as coach at English Nationals, were both impressed with the team spirit and support shown amongst the swimmers. Both agreed that there where excellent swims from all and the results achieved reflect this.

Congratulations and well done to all.

British Champs

Tara Haworth 400IM (15th) 200 Fly(15th) 400FC (5th)
Abigail Burr 400IM (9th) 200 Fly (8th) 800FC (9th)
Ethan Grace-Riches 100BK (9th) 50BK (7th) 50 FC (11th)
50Fly (17th)

English Nationals
Abigail Burr 100Fly (1st) 400FC (1st)
Ethan Grace-Riches 100FC (2nd) 200BK (2nd) 50BR (3rd) 200IM (3rd)
Oliver Nevitt 100Fly (6th)
Elissa Gratton 200Fly (7th)
Grace Wilson 100BR (13th)
Sophie Hart 50Bk (5th) 200BK (9th)

Ethan Grace-Riches and Abi Burr and medals!