Arena League report

The National Arena Swimming League (NASL) runs every year, currently with 400 teams participating in the three rounds, October, November and December, with the Finals in April. The B Final now takes place on the Saturday and the Cup Final on Sunday. Using a football analogy, the NASL is a combination of league football with standings leading to the FA Cup final (A Final) and an FA Trophy final (B Final).

In 2014, Vulcans finished 9th in the East Midlands Division 1 league, finishing as highest Lincolnshire club but someway off the finals.

Well, Vulcans started the 2015 campaign with a bang! The first round was a tough draw with the second place team from last year, Northampton, and two teams that finished above us last year in Cambridge and Milton Keynes with Deepings and Norwich B completing the draw.

Final standings: Northampton 239pts, Vulcans 198pts, Cambridge 194pts, Milton Keynes 192pts, Deepings 146pts and Norwhich B 78pts.

As the results shows, it was a tight battle for second place but Vulcans came out on top! Tara Haworth and Ollie Brache set the tone, winning the first two races for maximum points. On the night we had five race wins but it was our consistency and strength in depth across the team that pulled us through with 16 second and 12 third places from 50 races. Head Coach, Michael Glossop, states: "The NASL is such a great event with the team spirit at its highest, we were clearly the loudest and best supported team which helped our swimmers find that extra something to finish second rather than third and third rather than fourth on many occasions. The strength of the team from top to bottom was brilliant with everyone involved making their swims count."