Walsh receives Apprenticeship backing

Lincoln Vulcans’ Head Coach, Michael Glossop, is delighted to announce that Emily Walsh, 16, a pupil at Sleaford’s St. George’s Academy, has been selected for the Advanced Apprenticeship in Sporting Excellence (AASE), a national elite athlete apprenticeship scheme.

Emily’s selection followed her success in the Regional 5000 m Open Water event. Conditions were overcast, chilly and wet with a strong westerly breeze and spray reduced her sight an ability to navigate the course. The swim of 61 minutes won her the bronze medal in the open ladies’ competition.

Emily is extremely excited about her place. She is one of only 70 candidates from the UK across all aquatic events and the only one in open water swimming. The programme is designed to provide structured training and development route for talented athletes who have a real chance at excelling at their sport.


Glossop adds “Vulcans has a rich history of placing athletes on this programme over the years, it is pleasing to see this continue. Emily fully deserves her place, having toured the country for specialist Open Water events.”