AA Squad The Season so far

26 Apr, 2019

AA Squad The Season so far

26 Apr, 2019

Just under 2 years ago Paul Hogg was appointed as Head Coach of Lincoln Vulcans, with Adam McIntyre appointed as the clubs assistant coach, at this time a re-structure of the clubs squads and training programme was undertaken, and Adam became lead coach for our AA youth and age group squads. This is the first update and focus on Adams squads achievements during this time.

In 2018, we took a number of swimmers to Lincolnshire County Championship finals and Adam’s squad massed a total of 4 Golds, 5 Silvers and 3 Bronze medals.  Further to this, 3 of the 11-year-old AA Age group, Rhianna Stone, Mia Copping and Lyndan Wilson were selected into the Lincolnshire County pathway squad. Rachael Webb who has now returned to the club was also selected for the pathway squad.  The pathway squad attended 3 x 1-day training sessions throughout the year under the guidance of a number of Lincolnshire coaches including Adam McIntyre and Nigel Oldham.

Within the past 12 months, the AA squads have intensified their training with an option of up to 7 swimming sessions per week and 1-2 land training sessions under the careful coaching of Toni Shearer.  The results throughout the year have been outstanding, with many swimmers attending races across the country.  The performance intensity has seen many of the swimmers climb the county rankings, echoed in the selection of Charlie Holmes, Holly Marshall, Mia Copping, Rachael Webb and Lyndan Wilson for the Lincolnshire County team earning their County colours in an inter junior county swimming competition held at Luton.  LVSC were honoured that our coach, Adam, was then appointed as the Lincolnshire County Coach for 11-13-year olds, which was a real recognition for the excellent work he has produced.  Adam is now working towards his level 3 coaching qualification as the club look to strengthen in all areas fuelled by the recent sponsorship announcement.

Despite the closing of RAF Waddington pool during the year, the squad have maintained pace with some travelling large distances to attend training and competitions on a regular basis.  The commitment of the parents throughout this is greatly appreciated and it is pleasing to note that the group ethos has continued to grow, even to the point of the creation of the squad “Whats app” group.  The Fundraising and Sponsorship teams of Debs Kingston Michelle Eyre, Charlotte Burton, and Shawn Wilson have worked tirelessly to establish funding sources to support the club growth and match the amazing results of our swimmers.  Adam has several volunteer coaches who assist in his duties, Jo Dixon, Yvonne Apps and Wendy Webb.  Additionally, a special mention must go to one of our youth coaches, Ellie Burton, whose abilities are outstanding for one so young.  She supports Adam throughout the year during training sessions, but her skills are more apparent when we are away at competition.  We shouldn’t forget our army of parent volunteers who support and manage the swimmers at poolside over multiple events across the country.

Adam’s achievements are marked by the increase of County Swimmers and by early Dec 18, the AA squad achieved a total of 243 County times, an increase of 150 on 2018 County Championship.  What is more impressive is at the 2019 Lincolnshire County Championships, the squad achieved an incredible 11 Gold, 4 Silver & 8 Bronze medals.  A special mention goes out to Holly Marshall who won a total of 5 Gold medals an increase from 1 gold, 4 silver and 3 bronze and Lyndan Wilson who won a total of 6 Gold medals, an increase from 1 silver the previous year.

Over the past weeks, several squad moves were initiated to facilitate swimmers moving up from the A group and to allow high end performers to advance into Head Coach Paul Hogg’s AAA group. AAA stands for Age, Ability and Achievement. Additionally, over the past 12 months, swimmers from AA had transitioned AAA.  We have seen Charley Holmes, Thomas Aubrey, Harry Kingston, Isobel Leggate, Ciara Smith & Katie Atter move into the group as they continue their journey in swimming.

Adam’s squad have already made an impressive start towards our 2020 County Championship targets as many swimmers have already achieved County Qualification times.  Recently one of our AA swimmers, Amber Norton, competed at Deaf Championships and became the girls under 14s deaf champion in the 100m Backstroke, 100m Freestyle and 200IM.  Her successful swims also saw her win gold in the 50m Backstroke along with Silver in the 50 free.

Looking forward, we are just about to start Regional Championships.  We have 9 current members and 1 swimmer who has moved into AAA Squad that have achieved Regional qualification times and will race at Corby 27-28 Apr:

Archie Glenn, a year 7 pupil at LSST Academy achieved a 50 Freestyle regional qualification time.

Lyndan Wilson, a year 7 pupil at Branston Community Academy achieved regional qualification for 50m FS, 100m FS, 200 FS, 50m BS, 100m BS, 200m BS, 50m Fly, 100m Fly and 200IM.

Mia Copping, a year 7 pupil at the Priory City of Lincoln Academy achieved regional qualification for 50m FS, 100m FS, 50m BS and 50m Fly.

Rachel Webb, a year 7 pupil at William Farr (C of E) Comprehensive School has achieved regional qualification for 50m FS, 100m FS, 200 FS, 400 FS, 50m BS, 100m BS, 200m BS, 50m Fly and 200IM.

Kaitlyn Gifford, a year 8 pupil at Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School has achieved regional qualification for the 50m BS.

Annie Johnson, a year 8 pupil at LSST Academy, has achieved regional qualification for 50m FS, 50m BS, 100m BS and the 200m BS.

Holly Marshall, a year 8 pupil at Kesteven & Sleaford High school has achieved regional qualification for 50m FS, 100m FS, 200 FS, 400m FS, 50m Br, 100m Br, 200m Br, 100m BS, 100m Fly, 200IM and 400IM.

Niamh Monaghan, a year 8 pupil at LSST Academy, has achieved regional qualification for the 50m BS, 100m BS and 200m BS.

Katie Maloney, a Lincoln University masters student, has achieved regional qualification for the 50, 100 & 200m Fly.

The coming 12 months will undoubtedly see some highs and Lows throughout the season, however, the team ethos demonstrated by all swimmers over the past 12 months has delivered success that is well deserved.  For the regional swimmers, good luck in the finals this week, for squad members, work hard throughout and you will achieve your goals, and for parents, please continue to support your swimmers and the club as we continue to move forward.

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