Rotherham Open Meet Report

07 Jun, 2019

Rotherham Open Meet Report

07 Jun, 2019

Over the weekend of the 11th and 12th May saw several of our swimmers make the journey to Ponds Forge International Sports Centre in Sheffield, to take part in the Rotherham Metro long course open meet.  This meet was specifically targeted by our Head and Assistant coaches to give our young swimmers valuable experience and knowledge of long course competition. Competing across all age groups over a full 2-day programme this not only provided crucial development of the skills required in a 50-metre pool for our youngest swimmers, but also valuable experience for our established swimmers as they develop the stamina and strategies required at long course competitive level.

It is not just the swimming that takes place within races, but also the time spent familiarising your skills and understanding your strengths during the warm up sessions.  These are invaluable as you prepare to race at a competitive level. With a large competitive field made up of clubs such as the Isle of Man swimming club, City of Leicester swimming club and Rotherham Metro swimming club, LVSC held their own throughout the event.  It was incredibly pleasing to earn a total of 43 medals across 4 squads, along with a vast number of PBs – 231 PBs from 288 races which is just over 80% PB rate! Not to mention various county qualification times being reached already! Equally impressive was to see swimmers achieving last years Regional qualification times at the level anticipated for Regional Finals 2020, a real bench mark for the club at this point.

No event would be a success without the dedicated support and advice from our coaching team.  A massive well done to the coaching team led by LVSC Assistant Coach Adam McIntyre along with the supportive coaching roles from both Jo Dixon and Ellie Burton.  Ellie is also a keen statistician who provided crucial data. In addition to the coaching team, the amazing work that our poolside support team provided over the weekend by Debs Kingston, Helen Kumar and Sarah Edmund was outstanding in ensuring swimmers were refuelled and available for races.  Lastly, many thanks once again to Charlotte Burton for the regular Tweets and updates throughout the day.

Congratulations to the swimmers below who performed exceptionally during the weekend achieving some excellent times:

Zara Dixon, Zoe Whittleton, Imogen Perry, Niamh Monaghan, Faith Parker, Innam Gosal, Rhiannon Thomas, Alexandra Bulat, Abigail Chevis, Tillie-Mae Thompson, Grace Moody, Sophie Marshall, Amber Norton, Tillie-Mae Thompson, Hannah Powell, Jacob Bailey, Isaac Dennis, Archie Glenn, Felix Stockbridge-Sime, Vlad Vulpe, Ashwin Kumar, Christian O’Malley, Tyler Morris, Samesh Kumar, Thomas Hepplestone, Georgi Bashford.

The following swimmers achieved medals and are to be congratulated on their medal winning performances:

Amelia Wright & Amy Knapp in the 15 years and over – this was a hard classification as our 15-year-old girls where competing with much older ladies so well-done Amy on Bronze 100 BS, Gold 400 FS and Amelia for Silver 200 Fly.

Katie Maloney 15 years and over – Gold 200IM, Silver 100 FS, Gold 200 Fly, Bronze 50 FS, Silver 100 Fly, Silver 200 FS. What was more impressive for Katie was she recognised that this competition prepared for her first regional competition for several years.

Ciara Smith 14 years age group– Bronze 50 Fly, Silver 100 Fly.

Katie Atter 14 years age group performed very well and was extremely pleased with her medals in the longer event races – Bronze 200 Breaststroke, Gold 400 FS, Silver 400 IM.

Sophie Knapp 14 years age group – only came for one day but was pleasantly surprised taking home the Bronze 400 IM.

Harry Kingston 14 years age group, this was his most impressive meet since joining LVSC, 9 races, 8PBs and 7 medals – Silver 50 Free, Gold 400IM, Gold 200 BS, Gold 50 BS, Silver 200IM, Gold 100 BS, Bronze 50 Fly.

Annie Johnson 13 years age group really stepped up at this meet, taking away – Bronze 200 Breaststroke, Gold 100 FS, Silver 400 FS, Silver 200 BS, Silver 200 FS.

Lilia Burton 13 years age group – Having just swam the 400m free, Lilia worked hard and achieved a Silver 200 Fly.

Finlay Edmund 13 years age group – who was struggling to walk during the event produced a great performance in achieving a well-earned Bronze 50 Breaststroke.

Luke Foster-Eyre 13 years age group had 2 incredibly hard races achieved a Silver in the 400IM and Gold 200 Fly.

Holly Marshall 12 years age group – Was only with us for one day and was very impressive achieving Bronze 200IM, Gold 100 FS, Silver 400 FS.  Again, an amazing performance closely following her success at Regionals.

Kaitlyn Gifford continued her recent surge up the ranks of the 50 BS cementing her recent 9th place in the Regionals with a well-earned Bronze in the 50 BS.

Mia Copping who has consistently improved her timings across several strokes produced an outstanding performance in the 50 Breastroke reducing her PB by over 3 seconds to earn a well-deserved Bronze.

Olivia Spencer 12 years age group enjoyed her first experience of swimming this event in a 50m pool, she dug deep and persevered to come away with a Silver 200 Fly.

Lyndan Wilson 12 years age group was fresh from a 5th place in the recent regional finals and absolutely stormed the field in the 50m BS winning Gold 50 and taking Silver 50 Fly.

Rhianna Stone 11 years age group – despite having shoulder pain during the competition her determination to succeed was evident in achieving a Silver 200 BS and Silver 50 BS.

Evie Lilley 9 years age group – one of our youngest competitors and first time competing in a 50m pool she secured Silver 200 FS, Bronze 100 Breaststroke, Evie is a talent to watch out for!

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